Plan your events!

You are responsible of organizing events in your company? You have already gone through all possible options and nothing caught your attention? We certainly will! We offer organizing events that will completely satisfy the needs of both the organizers and all the guests.

Whether you are organizing a press conference, a celebration, or a theme party, launching a new brand, recording a video, or you just want the museum all for yourself and your guests, you are welcomed to contact us with complete confidence. On your request, our professional team will take care of various magicians, DJs, managers, trainers, all regarding your needs and wishes. Explore the Museum filled with holograms, optical illusions, a bottomless pit, and unusual rooms, offering your employees or partners an experience of a completely unexpected event. Be brave enough to choose something unexpected!

Groups are required to book their visit at least fourteen (14) days in advance as visits are scheduled according to bookings and other museum activities.

For further information and bookings, please contacts as via telephone: +32 2 219 23 50 or via email: