Cookie policy

In order for the website to function correctly and for the purpose of enhancing your browsing experience, a minimum amount of information (cookies) needs to be stored on your computer. More than 90% of websites use cookies, and in doing so they are, according to the regulations of the European Union, obliged to request the permission of the user.
By using this website, you accept the use of cookies. If you block the cookies, you will be still able to browse the website, but some of its functionalities will not be available.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small, simple text files that your device stores when you visit our websites. Cookies make using a website simpler by storing your website settings and reactivating them when you visit the website again. Cookies can store some personal data and in this way, the information you receive is tailored to your needs and surfing habits.

Which cookies do we use?
The website uses functional cookies and analytical cookies. These cookies are required to ensure that the website works properly, and are therefore always placed.
We also use advertising cookies and other cookies. If you click on ‘Accept’ in the cookie banner, we will place these cookies.
Besides our own cookies (first party), by visiting our webiste you can also get third party cookies that come from other web locations that are located on the website that you’re browsing, such as pop-up ads. These cookies monitor the website for advertising purposes.

We use the following cookies on our website:
– Functional cookies: cookies that ensure that the website works properly.
– Analytical cookies: cookies that record how the website is used. We use these statistics to help us improve the website.
– Tracking cookies (advertising cookies): cookies that allow advertisements to be displayed, based on how you use the internet. The aim is to show you the correct advertisements that are the most relevant to you.
– Other cookies: cookies that do not fit into any of the previous categories. If you accept these cookies, how you use the internet can be monitored by other networks or third parties

How can I block cookies?
If you do not want to have cookies placed on your device, you can adjust the settings of your browser to allow to receive a warning before certain cookies are stored. You can also adjust the settings to have your browser refuse certain cookies. Please take into account that certain parts of the website will not function (optimally) when you block cookies.
You can always change your preference, either if you clicked on ‘Accept’ or on ‘No, thank you’. In case you did not select one of the options in the cookie banner, the default setting is no cookies (No, thank you). By clicking on ‘Accept’, you are giving permission for all cookies to be placed on this website.
If you have any questions about the cookies we use, please contact us at
This Cookie Policy may be modified from time to time. You should therefore periodically visit this page to see if changes have been made. If the update involves substantial changes for you, we will ensure that you are correctly informed of this, for example through our website or by email.
This Cookie Policy was last modified on 1 July 2022.